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    In his latest blog entry at Loudwire, Three Days Grace drummer Neil Sanderson says that the band's upcoming fifth album is "turning out to be such a personal reflection" for the members of the group. He writes, "One of my favorite things about making this kind of record is when as a team, we decide to just lay it all on the line emotionally, and write about all the demons, the feelings; good and bad, all the pain and the rushes, and all the highs and lows . . . in all of our lives."

    • Sanderson says that the band is targeting March 31st, 2015 for the release of the yet-to-be-titled set, adding, "We still have a lot of work to do . . . Some songs we write, and rewrite, then record, and re-record and so on."
    • The band released a new song in September called "I Am Machine," which is currently Number Seven on the rock radio chart.
    • The track is the second new song issued this year by the Canadian act, following the chart-topping "Painkiller" earlier this year.
    • The new album will be the first to feature frontman Matt Walst, brother of bassist Brad Walst​. Matt replaced original singer Adam Gontier in early 2013 and was officially made a member of the band last March.


    All That Remains will release its seventh studio album, titled The Order Of Things, on February 24th. The new disc follows up 2012's A War You Cannot Win and marks the first time that singer Phil Labonte collaborated on his lyrics, in this case with producer Josh Wilbur. Labonte told us how that worked out: "He's the first guy that I collaborated lyrically with. It's always been a situation where we'll come up with vocal ideas, maybe cadences, and I'll come up with the ideas and words that go into it. So this record has really been vocally the most collaboration I've ever had from a producer/writer, working with, you know, the songs we came up with."

    • The band has already issued a new song from the album called "No Knock."
    • Although Phil Labonte said in a recent interview that he thought A War You Cannot Win "sucked," it did yield the hit singles "Stand Up" and "What If I Was Nothing," which got to Number One and Number Two respectively on the rock radio airplay chart.
    • Labonte said about the music on the new disc, "Personally, I think we have a lot of songs that are better."
    • All That Remains has yet to announce tour plans behind the new disc.


    Soundgarden has posted online a previously unreleased song called "Kristi" from its upcoming collection of B-sides and rarities, Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path, which comes out on Monday (November 24th). Guitarist Kim Thayil told us that "Kristi" has been waiting a long time to see the light of day: "We never released this version that's coming out. We never even mixed it. We tracked it, most of us thought it was great, there were some things that we weren't happy about vocal-wise and guitar-wise. Given time and distance, we realized it was pretty amazing and likely we were just being self-conscious at the time and being our own worst critic." "

  • Echo Of Miles spreads 50 tracks over three discs, divided into original songs, cover tunes and assorted demos, oddities and remixes. Seven of the tracks have never been released before in any form.
  • Soundgarden reissued its 1994 album, Superunknown, earlier this year and plans to release a remixed version of its first full-length effort, 1988's Ultramega OK, in 2015.


    In This Moment's fifth studio album, Black Widow, is likely to sell between 24,000 and 27,000 copies in its first week of release, according to Hits Daily Double. The estimate was based on two-day sales reports compiled after the record arrived in stores on November 17th. The band is currently on tour and singer Maria Brink told us that they can feel the excitement from fans about the new album: "We're definitely feeling it and I think that where we most see it is in the crowd response, you know. Where it used to just be like, you know, they'd clap and they're happy and that's it at the end of a song, where now it's like they're screaming, like, with everything that they have in them. And some people are crying and it's definitely like going to a brand new level for sure that we've never had before." in Pittsburgh.

  • Meanwhile, the eighth studio album from Canadian group Nickelback, titled No Fixed Address, is likely to sell between 60,000 and 65,000 copies in the U.S. in its first week on sale. The group's previous effort, 2011's Here And Now, moved 226,714 copies in its first week -- making the drop for No Fixed Address an alarming one even given the continuing decline of album sales overall.

    • The album's first rock single, "Edge Of A Revolution," is sliding down the rock chart at Number 16 after a quick climb and brief stay at Number One.
    • The 11-song set is the first through the group's new deal with Republic Records.
    • Nickelback will launch a six-month North American tour on February 14th, 2015 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


    Ozzy Osbourne made a surprising admission in a new interview with Consequence Of Sound that might get him kicked out of the house again -- or least his bedroom. Asked about his love of playing live, Ozzy said, "My job is to get the audience having fun, but now you don’t have to do that. I saw that Michael Jackson hologram on TV today. That was scary, that was. I said to my wife, ‘Darling, I could just send my hologram on tour.’ There is nothing like a live, good rock and roll concert. It’s the best when everything is in its right place and the mood is right. A good rock and roll show to me is better than sex."

    • Asked if his wife Sharon was in the room when he said that, Ozzy paused and said with a laugh, "She's not here."
    • Ozzy also explained why he recently released his sixth hits compilation, titled Memoirs Of A Madman. He explained, "I’m going to be doing another Black Sabbath album and another tour, and I thought, ‘Well, people are going to think I’m not doing my solo stuff anymore.’ So, Memoirs Of A Madman is to let people know I’m not retired from my solo career. I am going to continue after Black Sabbath."
    • Ozzy added that he already has three songs written for his next solo album, identifying two of them as "Crack Cocaine" and "Mr. Armageddon."


      Taryn Manning's lawyer insists that her recent arrest was the result of false allegations made by former friend. The attorney released a statement to address the Orange is the New Black star's arrest for allegedly violating a restraining order by sending threatening texts.

      The statement reads, "In response to a reported arrest of Ms. Manning, please note that the District Attorney's Office investigated an allegation of a violation of an order of protection. The District Attorney declined to prosecute Ms. Manning and the arrest was voided. The allegation was false. It is unfortunate that additional false allegations by an individual convicted of violating orders of protection intended to protect Ms. Manning are facilitated by purported news organizations to perpetuate the harassment of Ms. Manning exponentially. Ms. Manning is a law abiding person who has respect for the law and the privilege of her profession. The fact that there are no criminal charges against Ms. Manning with regard to the purported allegations against her is a clear demonstration of her innocence. Ms. Manning will as always maintain the high road. She wishes no contact from Ms. Heller and has had to spend great sums to hire security for her protection."

      • TMZ is claiming that the NYPD has not yet voided the arrest as of Thursday morning (November 20th.)
      • Taryn's former friend, Jeanine Heller, has been arrested several times for stalking. The initial charges were brought against her last July for allegedly sending hundreds of texts, emails, and phone calls over a few months.


      Bill Cosby's refusal to talk about all of the sexual assault allegations against him may be coming back to bite him. The Associated Press has released video of the outtakes from a recent video with him where he requested that any references to the accusations be edited out.
      When asked about whether people should believe anything they hear about him, Bill answered, "There is no comment about that and I'll tell you why...I think you were told...I don't want to compromise your integrity but we don't, I don't, talk about it."

    • Bill ended the conversation by saying that they didn't think AP would bring up those questions and that they should call their higher-ups immediately to tell them not to include the footage in the final interview.


    DONALD SUTHERLAND COMPARES JENNIFER LAWRENCE TO JESUS: Donald Sutherland was promoting Hunger Games: Mockingjay to E! News earlier this week where he gave Jennifer Lawrence high praise saying, "When I worked with her, I realized the child was a genius. She's the right person at the right time in the sense of Joan of Arc or Jesus Christ, any genius, in that sense." He added, "She has the ability as an actor to tell the truth out of the material and that truth is immediately recognizable with everybody because it hits you in your heart, your solar plexus and your mind. And she has the genius of person to be not affected by all of this. She's just a real girl."

    MEREDITH VIEIRA STILL LIKES TO GO COMMANDO: Meredith Vieira reveals in the December/January issue of More magazine that she still prefers to go without underwear. She explains, "I always thought, 'Why bother?' I've always been a pretty open book, for better or worse." She does admit to sometimes rocking undergarments saying, "If it's pantyhose, it's built in. And in the summer I wear leotards." Meredith first announced her preference for going commando when she was a co-host on The View back in 2006.

    NEIGHBOR FEUD HEATS OF FOR 'BACHELOR' CREATOR AND FORMER 'BAYWATCH' STAR: Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss was arrested on Wednesday (November 19th) for harassing his neighbors, David Charvet and Brooke Burke, by playing recordings of barking dogs at their house. According to TMZ, he was charged with disturbing the peace. David and Brooke tried unsuccessfully last month to get a restraining order against Mike for the same issue in addition to violent threats he allegedly made against them by revving the engine of his car.

    SEAN HAYES MARRIES LONGTIME PARTNER: Former Will & Grace star Sean Hayes is married. He revealed the news on Facebook on Thursday (November 20th) by posting a Throwback Thursday picture of his wedding last week and writing, "Here's a ‪#‎TBT‬ photo of Scotty and me getting married last week. Took us 8 years but we did it!" Sean and his husband, Scott Icenogle, were reportedly engaged for a while before news broke last month when Sean wore his ring during an appearance on The Talk.

    NBC WARNS AL ROKER TO THINK BEFORE HE SPEAKS: Page Six is reporting that NBC issued a warning to Al Roker recently to be more careful about what he says on-air during the Today show. The weatherman has made some comments over the last few years which the network felt were inappropriate including joking about Ann Curry's firing, telling a mother her crying baby looked like a "Japanese anime," and admitted to soiling himself at the White House. A source said, "He was saying weird things and becoming too idiosyncratic. They asked him to act more like a traditional weatherman. Al took their comments to heart and is playing ball."


    Ashton Kutcher went on a Twitter rant on Wednesday (November 19th) to defend the Uber exec who has been criticized for trying to dig up dirt on the journalists who written negative things about the company.

    The new dad wrote, "What is so wrong about digging up dirt on shady journalist? @pando @TechCrunch @Uber. I believe we live in a day where the first word has become 'the word.' Rumors span the globe before anyone has an opportunity to defend them selves. Everyone is guilty and then tasked to defend themselves publicly...Questioning the source needs to happen...Always!" Ashton continued, "So as long as journalist are interested and willing to print half-truths as facts...Yes we should question the source. To be clear I speak for myself not @Uber. This should be fun...Here comes the part where journalists explain why they should be exempt from ridicule and judgment and probing...U r all right and I'm on the wrong side of this ultimately. I just wish journalists were held to the same standards as public figures. GoodForRatings #TrafficSpike #WelcomeToShockJournalism."
    CNET is reporting that Ashton is actually an investor in Uber.

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