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Rock Rundown

    Michelle Rodriguez's lingering feelings for Cara Delevingne may have had something to do with her split from Zac Efron. E! News is reporting that their fling reportedly ended because her mind was focused on someone else.

    A source explained, "It had just been a casual hookup for Zac and Michelle. They were having fun. She is such a great person and he naturally gravitated towards that. They saw comfort in each other and connected on their experiences in rehab and were really good for each other. They were there for each other." The insider went on to say, "Cara was always being mentioned. Cara would spend time on the same boat and Cara and Michelle have all the same friends. It was just a lot. It was always, 'Cara, Cara, Cara.' They are clearly best friends and they have never stopped talking to each other. Michelle is very mature. She wants everyone to be happy."

    • Cara and Michelle were photographed hanging out again together earlier this week in New York City at the Mercer Hotel.


    The ALS Ice Bucket Challenges may be all over the place this week but at least one celebrity is vocally against it. Pamela Anderson took to Facebook on Thursday (August 21st) to not only reject the challenge but to call out the charity for practices that she refuses to support.

    The former Baywatch star wrote, "Sorry - I can't bring myself to do your Ice bucket challenge. I enjoy a good dare- It's always good to bring awareness - in fun, creative ways / I don't want to take away from that. but it had me thinking. Digging a bit deeper. I found that we may not be aligned - in our messages. So...- I thought Instead / I'd challenge ALS to stop Animal testing /-- Recent experiments funded by the ALS Association, mice had holes drilled into their skulls, were inflicted with crippling illnesses, and were forced to run on an inclined treadmill until they collapsed from exhaustion. Monkeys had chemicals injected into their brains and backs and were later killed and dissected."

    • The animal rights activist goes on to point out that apparently only about a dozen of the experiments have ended up going on to human trials.
    • Pam also advises that people research and support the charities that don't test on animals.


    MAJOR CHARACTERS MAY GET KILLED OFF 'GAME OF THRONES': George R.R. Martin spoke to a crowd at London's Freemason's Hall recently where he revealed that several major Game of Thrones characters may be in danger of getting killed off. He explained, "I have a large number of important characters who I switch between to tell the entirety of the story, and that limits who I can kill. Sometimes there's only one character who's my eye in a particular location, and if I kill that character everything going on in that particular subplot is going to be lost. The way my books are structured, everyone was together, then they all went their separate ways and the story deltas out like that, and now it's getting to the point where the story is beginning to delta back in, and the viewpoint characters are occasionally meeting up with each other now and being in the same point at the same time, which gives me a lot more flexibility for killing people."

    'DATING NAKED' CONTESTANT IS SUING THE SHOW: A woman who appeared on an episode of VH1's Dating Naked is suing the show for actually living up to its title. Jessie Nizewitz has filed a lawsuit claiming that she was promised by producers that they would blur out everything but insists that parts of private area were exposed when the episode aired. She is seeking $10 million and a "huge apology."

    'HARRY POTTER' DIRECTOR MAY RETURN FOR SPIN-OFF: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows director David Yates is reportedly negotiating to return to work on Warner Bros. spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. The project is being planned as a trilogy and is set decades before the events that unfold in the Harry Potter series. The movie will hit theaters on November 18th, 2016. JK Rowling is writing the script.

    MAX ADLER IS RETURNING TO 'GLEE': Max Adler is coming back to Glee. He plays Karofsky -- the homophobic football player who bullied Kurt but later came out of the closet himself. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he is expected to appear in four of the final 13 episodes as a love interest for Darren Criss' character Blaine.

    PIERCE BROSNAN REJECTED ORIGINAL 'BATMAN': Pierce Brosnan revealed in a recent AMA on Reddit that he turned down an offer to play Batman in Tim Burton's 1989 movie. He wrote, "I went and met with Tim Burton for the role of Batman. But I just couldn't really take it seriously, any man who wears his underpants outside his pants just cannot be taken seriously. That was my foolish take on it. It was a joke, I thought. But how wrong was I? Don't get me wrong, because I love Batman, and I grew up on Batman. As a kid in Ireland, we used to get our raincoats and tie them round our neck and swing through the bicycle shed..." The role eventually went to Michael Keaton but Brosnan did appear in Burton's 1996 film Mars Attacks!.


    Kevin Sorbo has some strong opinions on the riots and protests happening in Ferguson. The former Hercules star took to Facebook on Wednesday night (August 20th) to express his feelings on the situation and his belief that there has been a major bias in the media's coverage of the events.

    He wrote, "Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the young man. It is an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are. It is a tipping point to frustration built up over years of not trying, but blaming everyone else, The Man, for their failures. It's always someone else's fault when you give up. Hopefully this is a reminder to the African Americans ( I always thought we just Americans. Oh, well.) that their President they voted in has only made things worse for them, not better."

    • Kevin also shared an article from the Jewish World Review discussing the media frenzy.
    • He later apologized in a statement to TMZ saying, "Like politicians all say things that are taken out of context. I've got plenty of friends from all races, all religions, and all colors, and all breeds. I'm hardly a racist. What I'm saying is that what's going on in our country right now is building resentment towards a lot of things. There's a lot of anger building up with a lot of people. And I think we're at a tipping where people are willing to go off no matter what happens. And to use looting, and to use more rioting as an excuse for what happened in Ferguson...we just don't have all the facts and everything lined up yet. It's a horrible that happened. There's no question. I'm not saying what the officers did was a good thing or a right thing at all. I'm just saying that we're always looking to blame other people for the failures in their life. It was a broad stroke by me and I apologize, not only to African Americans, but to anyone that was offended by that because people that know me know that I am not that type of person. It was stupid of me to post it and we all do dumb things and I'm not better than anybody else. I did something stupid and I apologize."

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